1. Ambulance

    Stockton Ambulance Service strives each day to provide the highest quality of pre-hospital care to all that we serve.

  2. Cemetery Query (XLSX)

    Browse a query of the Stockton Cemetery plots.

  3. Electric

    The Stockton Power Plant houses 5 Fairbanks - Morse generating units with an SPP accredited generating capacity of 4.9 megawatts.

  4. Online Payments

    Download our payment forms.

  5. Fire

  6. Police Department

    The Police Department responsible for patrolling the streets and businesses and residential neighborhoods, traffic control, call response.

  7. Sewer

    Get details about your local sewer service.

  8. Solid Waste

    Check out information on the solid waste service of the City of Stockton.

  9. Public Works

    Solid Waste Removal, Street Department and Stockton Cemetery are all part of Stockton Public Works

  10. Water

    Find water rates and more about the City of Stockton's water service.