Building Permit

No person shall hereafter erect or cause to be erected within the city any building or structure of any kind or enlarge or add to the outside dimension thereof, or relocate any building or structure already erected on which may hereafter be erected or remodel any building or structure within the city without a building permit being first obtained and approved by the city. The application for such permit shall be made and the permit obtained before work is commenced upon the foundation of any such building or structure, or before the removal of any building begins. The application shall state the exact site to be occupied, the dimensions and estimated cost of the proposed building, structure or addition, the purpose for which the same is to be occupied for use, the materials to be used, and such other information, including buildings, plans and specifications, as may be required to show the likelihood of compliance with the ordinances of the city inspecting building or construction of any such work and the probable time in which the work will be completed.

The fee for a building permit shall be $25 provided, where it is proposed only to move a building into the city or to relocate an existing building therein, and it shall be necessary to comply with the provisions of sections 4-701 through 4-709, the permit fee to be charged shall be governed by section 4-704. The fee herein shall be paid to the city clerk upon obtaining a building permit and the same shall be credited to the general operating fund of the city.